Weekly Recap 6/29/18

Hello everyone! It has been a long time since we have given everyone an update on what has been happening.

We have released a new pattern for women that is just an amazing tank, and dress.  The 10K Racerback is just perfect for the warm weather most of us are experiencing right now.  This pattern is a great way to use all of those bits and peices of gorgeous fabric we all have in our stash!

We are also releasing our new men's Triple Play Tank this week and we are so excited about the buzz out in the sewing community regarding this pattern.  The color blocking and options of three different backs makes this the perfect pattern for the men in your life.  I love that you can do matching tanks!

We also have in testing the boys Triple Play tank, as well as working on the girls 10K tank pattern. 

We are still looking for testers in sizes over 8 for the girls tank, and if you are interested check out the main group and apply to test. If you are a beginner please don't let that stop you, testing is a great way to get to know other sewist and brush up on your skills.

With it being the end of the month be mindful that our Super Pickle and monthly sews contest is still going on. You have today and tomorrow to get in on the winning!

Over the last couple of weeks and in the next few coming weeks we are continuing our series on taking better photos of your sewing. Brandi, a member of our team has been doing a great job of writing some very useful tips and tricks to help you out. 

We hope your bobbin is always full.

Until next time, take care, and happy sewing,

Your Pickle Toes Team