Fleece Ear Warmers- Sugar and Spice Hack

How to hack the Sugar and Spice Headband into fleece ear warmers

So it's getting pretty cold here in Ohio.  My girl needs some ear coverage.  What's cuter than ear warmers with a bow?!?!?  And you know dolly need a matching one too... because dolly always needs a matching one these days.  I'm going to show you how to hack the Sugar and Spice Headband pattern located here: 
Sugar and Spice Headband 


First you will need to cut your fabric. 

Because fleece isn't as stretchy as most knits I suggest that you add 1-2 inches to the written measurements for the length of the band portion.  Depending on how thick and or stretchy your fleece is.  If you have thin and or pretty stretchy fleece I'd add only an inch.  If your fleece is thick and or not very stretchy I would add 2 inches to the length.  

You will only need to cut ONE bow piece.  Fleece can be kind of heavy for all that bow.  I also have cut down the width of the bow because it's a bit large for an ear warmer.  You can use the measurements if you REALLY love big bows, but I suggest cutting 2 inches from each side of the bow (only for people not dolls and bears.  You can use the written measurements for the bow piece if you are making doll or bear ear warmers).  For example if you are making the 2-12 year one I would cut the bow 4X6.  Like I said, this is my preference, and if you like awesomely giant bows, go for cutting the bow how the pattern says.  

Cut the bow center using the measurements in the pattern.  



Sew as directed in the pattern instructions.  EXCEPT skip over the part about sewing the bow piece.  You will not need to sew the bow piece because only one bow piece has been cut.  When you have finished you will have just the cutest fleece ear warmers ever... and don't forget dolly!  


 Hope you make tons and tons of cute fleece ear warmers!  

As always take care and happy sewing, 

The Pickle Toes Patterns Team