Snowman Bears 'N Buddies Hack

I started this snowman with the intentions of making a blog post to show you all how to create him from the Bears 'N Buddies pattern, but I just haven't had time to finish him.  I finally decided that you all probably don't care if he is finished as long as I show you how to do him, so here goes...
For this snowman hack, you will need the Bears 'N Buddies pattern, snowman buttons and white fabric.  White fleece, faux fur, twill, corduroy, or even white muslin will work.  You can use any buttons if you don't have snowman buttons, or you can applique or embroider the eyes, nose and mouth in place.  If you are making this for a child under age.
Let's get started. Using the face piece from the pattern, trace around the pattern piece but don't trace the muzzle opening.  Instead, mark the center top of the muzzle at the sewing line and the seam lines where the muzzle opening closes at the bottom of the face. Draw in a curve on each side from the bottom to the center as shown above.  This will be the bottom dart for the snowman face.
Use this pattern piece and the body pieces (no ears or tail) to cut out your snowman from your white fabric of choice.  
Transfer all sewing lines and dart placement marks to the wrong side of the fabric pieces.  Trust me on this step.  Marking them now will make your life so much easier when sewing.  The smaller pieces can be a bit fiddly, so you want to be sure you are sewing in the right place or it just won't work quite right.
Now fold the front of the head in half, right sides together, and sew the bottom dart you made when we eliminated the muzzle opening.  Make sure to trim away the excess seam allowance to reduce bulk and make the seams lay smoother.
Open the face and place the buttons (or applique or embroidery) where you would like them to be.  Sew in place.  Continue with the rest of the snowman following the instructions in the pattern, including the top and side face darts.  My snowman didn't get finished, but I will post photos of him when I do finish him.  I would love to see yours when you finish also.  Please post pics in our Facebook group.