Free Kids Bath Mitt Pattern and Tutorial

If you're like me,  you have a few old towles that have some holes in them.  This is the perfect project to upcycle those old towles or washcloths.  PLUS it's seriously a fast project.  I knocked out 3 of these in 30 minutes just today.  


You will need:
Terry cloth fabric or old towels
Knit Fabric Scraps
Cording/Ribbon/Rope/String cut to 9 inches long
Pins or clips
Sewing Machine 
Serger (optional) 

Pattern can be found here: Free Kids Bath Mitt Pattern

We will start just like every other pattern by printing and cutting the pattern.  Then lay your pattern piece and cut 2 from terry cloth fabric and 1 from knit fabric.  You could use woven fabric if you like, but you run the risk of it fraying over time.  


Next lay your knit fabric right side up over one piece of the terry cloth fabric also right side up as pictured below.  

Take the cording/ribbon/rope (whatever you have decided to make the loop out of) fold it in half and place it as pictured in the photo below.  Pin the loop taking care not to pin too close to the top so that you don't sew over your pin.  You will have about 1/2 inch overhang on the loop.  


Place the other cut piece of terry fabric over the knit/terry pieces you have pinned the loop to.  These should be right sides together.  Sew with a straight stitch or serge as indicated in the photo below using a 3/8 inch seam allowance.  


If you have used your sewing machine to sew around the mitt you will need to clip the curves or use pinking shears to cut the seam allowance so that it will turn more smoothly.  Turn the mitt right side out.  Use a turning tool or chopstick to smooth out the edges from the inside so that you have nice curves.  At the point you may press the mitt , but it isn't a must.  

Turn the bottom of the mitt under 1 inch, press the hem.  Sew around the hem.  You can use a straight stitch if you like or you can get fancy with another stitch.  I like to use my double needle to hem everything.  I just like the way it looks.  


So easy! You have completed your bath mitt!!  I tried it on and it fits my hand, so you could use this for adults as well.  I hope you make a ton and use all your scraps!  



As always take care and happy sewing, 
The Pickle Toes Patterns Team