Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Happy Halloween!!!!


This is quite possibly my favorite time of year. As a person with kids that enjoy cosplay, costumes are kind of a big deal in our house. My son begins looking at what he would like to be around March, narrows it down by June so we can start working on the logistics of what needs to be made. My daughter on the other hand picks something and tenaciously hangs on to her ideas making it hard for us to change her mind no matter the logistics. This year after deciding on not just costumes, both decided they must have blue plastic pumpkin buckets so off to the store I went- 6 stores later and there was still no darn blue bucket to be found.


My kids of course were appropriately devastated and would not pick a bucket- at all. My son gets the brilliant idea that well mom should just make us bags to which I might have said “Really, son.” But off I went to find some fun fabric at Joann Fabrics. So I’m going to share with you this very quick make for a reversible tote bag that is the perfect size for my kids’ candy haul.


(The measurements below can be changed to suit your child but these initial measurements are for a bag that works well as a library tote for a 3.5-year-old. My son opted for me adding longer straps so he can sling his cross body).



Supplies for one bag:

½ yard of main fabric

½ yard of lining fabric

1 yard of midweight interfacing (if you would like a stiffer bag you could interface both your lining and main fabrics but for this bag, I only interfaced the main fabric)

Rotary cutter

Cutting mat





********I used a 3/8 inch seam allowance throughout the entire bag

 1.  You’ll begin by cutting your main, lining and interfacing into 15x15 (length x width) inch squares. To get straps. I used the lining fabric for ours, cut fabric into two 21x3 inch            rectangles. Interface your main and straps (you’ll interface your lining too at this point if    you are opting for a stiffer bag).   



2.  I like to start with straps first. They are probably always my least favorite part of making any bag. With the right side facing down, and your interfacing facing up; you will fold in your raw edges ¼ inch toward the center and iron. Now fold your strap in half and iron again. You can now top stitch the lengths of your straps and set those aside.



3.  Next you are going to pin your main fabric right side together and your lining right side together. You will leave the top of your bag open and sew the other 3 sides together. Make sure to back stitch at the beginning and the end of your bag.




4.  Once you have your bag sewn, place your hand inside your bag and flatten your corner so that your seam runs in the middle of the corner of the bag. Place a ruler at 2 inches and draw a line. You will sew on this line and trim the fabric to reduce the bulk.




5.  Now you will turn your main fabric right side out and attach your straps. I placed my straps in 3 inches from the side seam of the bag. Place your main bag inside the lining, your fabrics should be right side together now. Sew the raw edges together making sure to leave a 3-5 inch gap (I like to leave the gap between one of the shoulder straps).




6.  Turn your bags right side out and push your lining into the main bag. I like to iron here so that I can ensure that the turn hole is completely lined up before pinning. Now you topstitch, making sure to catch the turn hole seam allowance.




Congratulations you are now all finished with your Halloween/book/whatever tote.