Hacking the Dill

All of us behind the scenes at Pickle Toes Patterns are participating in the 52 Week Sewing Challenge. It is an online Facebook Group that challenges you to sew something every week. We're just now getting to week 4 and the theme for the week is, "Sew Something for a Boy." My 9 year old was thrilled as he tends to get the least of mama made. (sorry kiddo) 

Luckily, I had recently ordered some Bob's Burgers custom fabric. My family and I are obsessed with this show. We dressed up as the main characters for Halloween in 2016. Easiest family costume we have done yet.

I knew I wanted to use the Gene fabric I had bought for him and I knew I wanted to make him a Dill. That is his favorite pattern I've yet to make him. But I also knew I wanted something different since the print itself was rather busy. 

Making a shirt with the busy fabric as the front and back would be too much for my eyes. So with the help of Laurie Roberts, owner of Bear and Pea Atelier, I settled on blocking the dill and adding a chest pocket. 

Want to recreate this look? It's really easy! Start with your printing and assembling the Dill pattern. If you don't already own the Dill you can purchase it here. You will need to cut the front and back bodice 1" above the bottom of the armscye. I've marked it in the photo below with a blue marker. Cut across the line creating a top and bottom to the front and back pieces.

That's the only change you will need to make to the pattern piece itself. Keep in mind you will need to add a seam allowance when cutting your fabric. See how I noted on my pieces to add the seam allowance? I'm so forgetful I have to note little things like this.

I lined the 3/8" line on my ruler, up with the edge of my pattern piece. This was an easy way to mark and cut  the needed seam allowance.

For the pocket I decided to do a 3" wide and 4" tall one for my son. I cut a 4" x 5" rectangle. This gives me half an inch to turn under on all four sides.

Now comes the sewing. Prep your front and back pieces. Attach the top portion to the bottom by sewing them right sides together, do this for both the front and the back. 

Press the seam down and top stitch if desired.

(I used a coverstitch on mine, but you can get the same effect from a twin needle if you desire.)

I find it easier to attach the pocket before assembling the shirt. I folded the top edge down 1/2" towards the wrong side of the fabric and stitched it down.


Fold the remaining 3 sides 1/2" towards the wrong side of the pocket. Press them so they folds will stay while you place your pocket and stitch into place. Line the top of the pocket's stitches up with the seam on the front bodice. I placed mine 1.5" from the armscye edge. 

Pin the pocket into place and stitch the pocket in place. I used a pocket reinforcement stitch at the top corners. You can do the same by following the diagram below.

Looking good!

Once the pocket is attached you can continue with step two of the Dill Pickle Tee tutorial. When you're all finished be sure to post a picture and share it in our Facebook Group, we love to see your creations!

 He was so thrilled with his shirt! He wore it the very next day. Don't forget to check out the 52 Week Sewing Challenge group, it surely is the group to get your sew-jo flowing!


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