FREE Christmas Stocking Pattern and Tutorial

Happy Holidays to all. I love stockings. For me, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas until you have them hung up waiting for all your goodies from Santa. This year Kellie is super awesome and created a freebie for all our followers. And today I am going to walk you through creating your own special stockings like I did this year. Snag the pattern here.



Kellie has included 2 different sizes plus a color blocked larger stocking for you to choose from in this pattern. I have looked at several different ways to construct this pattern and found the method I am going to use to be the easiest. And lets get started making some fun holiday stockings!


Supply list:

Pattern can be found here: Christmas Stocking


Fabric (I had 3.5yds for 6 stockings)


Cutting mat

Rotary cutter

Interfacing (if you would like to use it, I did not use it in mine because I prefer softer stockings, however if you are loading your stockings very full with heavy items you may want to consider using midweight interfacing)

Pattern pieces

Sewing machine




*****3/8 inch seam allowance was used for this tutorial*********


First decide which pattern you are going to be using (for the sake of this tutorial, I will be using the color blocked version). Then cut out your pieces. You should have your outer fabrics (the stocking body and color block pieces and your cuff) and lining pieces (stocking body and cuff). If you are using interfacing, you will interface your pieces now.



Next for the color blocked version (if you are doing the plain version you can skip to the next step) you will pin the toe piece to the stocking body. I like to pin the middle then ease the curves together while pinning to the outside. Once you sew it, you’ll push the seam toward the body of the stocking (I like to iron here) and topstitch. You will do the same process for the heel.


Now you can begin attaching your cuffs to you your stocking bodies. You will attach your lining to your outer cuff piece, right side together for both the front and back of your stockings. Then you will attach your lining pieces to your outer cuff piece right side together also for the front and back of your stocking.



Now you will sew your stocking outer pieces together. Open up the cuff pieces at pin the stocking right sides together, making sure to line up the cuff seam. Sew from one corner of the cuff, down the body, around the toe and back up to the other side of the cuff.




You will do the same thing for the lining but if you are adding the ribbon so your stocking may hang then you will add it prior to pinning and sewing. I found the best place is just between the cuff and body. Now pin the lining and sew together.



The next step is to line up your stocking and lining, right sides together. And you will sew the stockings together at the cuff. Make sure to backstitch at the beginning and end, and also to leave a hole for turning your stocking (I like to put the hole on the back of the stocking).



Once you have attached your lining and outer together at the cuff, now you get to pull your stocking through the turn hole. Once you have pulled the stockings completely through the hole, you will push your lining into the stocking body so that your pieces are now wrong side together and you have fully enclosed seams. Press your stocking and cuffs so they are nice and flat, making sure that your turn hole is folded in, pin and close by top stitching the cuff.




Fold your cuff down and if you would like press the cuff again and you are all finished.



Make sure to pop over to the group and show us your fabulous stockings!