How to Make Unpaper Towels and Cloth Napkins- a super easy Naptime tutorial

This week at Pickle Toes Patterns we are going to do a tutorial!

As a mom of 4 I am always trying to figure out ways to cut costs.  Using unpaper towels not only saves you some cash, but it is good for the environment!  2 checks in the win box for me.  I am all about saving some cash while saving the environment.  Making unpaper towels and napkins is SUPER EASY and you can zip right through a ton of them at nap time.  I hope you get some great use out of this tutorial.

Making Unpaper Towels and Napkins With a Serger

Supply list:

Flannel Fabric

Straight edge ruler

Marking pen


Serger thread

Steam iron

OPTIONAL sewing machine and machine thread (for making an X through your unpaper towels)

Something with a rounded edge ( I like to use a coffee cup)


Step 1

Measure your fabric.  For unpaper towels you will want squares that measure 13X13.  You will need 2 squares for each unpaper towel.  For napkins you will need squares that measure 6.5X6.5.  You will also need 2 squares for napkins.   I have used red to mark my cuts so that you can see the cuts in the photo.



Step 2

Once you have measured your squares take the rounded object that you have (such as a coffee cup or a can) and round off the corners.  This will make it easier to serge your fabric.  Plus it makes it looks a little nicer.  Do this on ALL of your edges for the napkins and unpaper towels.


Step 3 Cut your fabric

Cut your fabric using the rounded edge cut lines that you have created with your cup/can/round object.


Step 4

Place your rounded squares WRONG sides together and pin them in place.

Step 5

Serge all the way around the fabric.  I recommend starting your serging right after a corner.  Do not start directly on the corner.  Corners can be tricky.  Take your time and go slow if needed.  When you meet the other end snip your thread and pull the tail tight so that it will not come undone.  You only need to trim off the edge when serging.

You can either be done at this point with a perfectly functioning napkin and unpaper towel set, or you can go to the next step.




Take your napkin or unpaper towel, fold in half on the diagonal.  Iron to set the fold.  Open your unpaper towel.  Now fold in half on the diagonal the opposite way.  Iron to set the fold.  You should end up with an X ironed into your fabric.  Now sew a zig zag, a curvy stitch, or even a straight stitch using the ironed X as a guide.


Now you are all finished making your napkin and unpaper towel set!


That is all for this week!

Until next week take care and happy sewing,

The Pickle Toes Patterns Team