The Snip and Rip Method (woven fabrics)

I am really excited about today’s tutorial. Mostly because it deals with woven materials but also because it is a hack I learned about when I was working on a pattern that needed long strips of fabric. If you have ever done a strip work project then you know how tedious it can be to have to cut out the individual strips you need for the project. Enter in a short cut that can be used for projects called the snip and rip method of creating strips.


You can use this method with any woven fabric that has horizontal lines running selvage to selvage (although I am not a fan of using this method for rayon blends, it works very nicely with other woven fabrics). This is a great way to also true up fabric designs that may not have been cut evenly at the cutting counter. So let’s get started.

Supply List:



Rulers (I like to use a cutting mat and large ruler to double check the tears are even but they are not necessary since you will be tearing along horizontal fibers the tears should remain completely straight).


To get started you will cut about ½ inch to 1 inch past your selvage. In this tutorial, I am making a 9x40 inch strip from scrap fabric so I am truing up the fabric on one side. But you will measure how wide you want your fabric pieces to be then snip at those increments.


Now grasp each side and begin to pull apart tearing the fabric.

Keep tearing until you reach the end of the strip. Contunue with any other strips you would like to tear.


 This method does leave a slightly frayed edge but also gives a nice straight edge that doesn’t require lots of measuring before cutting. And if you are truing up a fabric that has a design it will allow you to have a nice even and straight design with very little work!